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Spring is coming!!

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Fleas! Fleas! Fleas!

California has a very temperate climate, and because of this, we deal with fleas all year round.  These pesky pests can cause great irritation to our pets, our homes, and ourselves. This is why we recommend year-round parasite preventatives.  In addition, when dealing with a flea infestation, you should think of it as a three-step process: immediate relief for the pet, environmental sanitization, and preventative measures. For immediate relief: a bath using flea shampoo.  Make sure to leave the shampoo on your pet for the suggested amount of time before thoroughly rinsing it off.  For environmental sanitization: a flea spray for the home and additionally the yard. Wash all bedding and vacuum, vacuum, vacuum. Finally, speak with one of our veterinarians about which preventatives best suit you and your pet’s needs and lifestyles; we have both topical and chewable options.

The importance of taking care of your pet’s teeth

February is National Pet Dental Month. Dental health is super important to your furry companion’s overall health. Periodontal disease can be found in most pets over the age of three, which may include inflamed gums and dirty teeth. Not only can poor oral health be painful (and smelly!), dental disease can cause many other health problems. Bacteria from dental disease have been linked to heart, liver, and kidney issues. Early detection is key and the treatment critical to prevent many problems and avoid having to extract diseased teeth. Please call us today to schedule your pet’s yearly visit; our veterinarians always examine your pet’s oral health. During February we are also offering 50% off bloodwork performed in-clinic when you book a dental cleaning before April 30th.


Why Hypoallergenic Treats

Does your dog suffer from food allergies? Are they still itchy and maybe have an upset stomach, even after switching their diet?  Ask yourself this one question – Are you still giving treats? For most people, the answer is a resounding “Yes!”  We’re not here to tell you to stop giving treats to your dog, but to consider the type of treats you give your furry friend.  Hypoallergenic treats exist to provide a tasty snack that will not cause any reaction to its ingredients.  They are also scientifically formulated to be highly nutritious, and include omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants to help support skin health.

Welcome to Our Team Francisco and Heaven!

Joining our fabulous team at West Valley Pet Clinic are client experience representatives Heaven and Francisco! In addition to being amazingly friendly and loving animals, they will help you with scheduling your appointments, answering your questions, responding to your emails, filling your medication requests, and many other vital services. They bring to the team smiles, laughter and enthusiasm while helping with you and your pet’s needs.