Pixie Dust and Fairy Dreams

Pixie Dust and Fairy Dreams

Pixie Dust and Fairy Dreams

So…..I am coming clean here. I have a confession: I have a hefty cat.

His name is Bast. But he also answers to “Big Boy” and “Professor Chubbynecks”. He is a grumpy old cat who other than his weight and the horrible associated arthritis, is in perfect health (he has blood work checked every year). So when I lecture you about your pet’s weight….I really “get it”. It isn’t easy.

I have been trying to get him to lose weight for years. I have tried over the counter “low fat” diets, “prescription” / truly restricted calorie diets, reduced intake / no treats, canned diets with extra water (which he detests!), I have tried increasing activity (which translates to him just looking at me as I bounce around the room like a ribbon-waving idiot). The best I have managed is to have him not gain any more weight. Sigh.

So…I went to a conference last year. One of the new products being touted in the product hall was Hill’s Metabolic diet. “88% of pets lose weight!” “Little to no effort or change in lifestyle” “They love the taste!” Uh huh. Yep. Sure. And I’m sure it’s made with pixie dust and unicorn horn. I may have mentioned before that I am a skeptic at heart and really need to see proof before I start making recommendations to my clients and using their pets as guinea pigs (even my guinea pig patients).

So I called the Hill’s rep when I got home and said “I heard this diet is a wonder-diet…have I got a test patient for you!” I decided to use my own “fluffy” finicky cat as a test dummy, and started him on a bag of their miracle food. Surprisingly…he liked it. Like… really liked it…. Like stuck his head in the bag liked it. Ok….palatability….check.

I weighed him on day 1. Then re-weighed him every week thereafter.

Week 2: he was down ½ a pound. Hmmm. So….let’s just reserve judgment until we get a month out…

Week 4: he had lost a full pound. A FULL pound. This may not seem like much…but on a cat, its huge – it was 5% of his body weight! His fur waddle was getting looser and if I squinted, I could almost see the beginning of a waist on him.

Week 6: stagnant. Still the same weight. Ha! At this point, I figured I had proven something. But then I caught him eating the dog’s food the next day…so I squashed that.

Week 8: He has lost 1.5 pounds. I’m ecstatic. And I’m not stopping the diet now….we’re on a roll! He has more energy, is more affectionate (presumably, his arthritis is less painful) and just seems…happier. Geez…I sound like a sappy commercial….but he’s my (now less) big boy!

Granted my little research project has all of 1 cat involved, which translates to this really being an anecdote, but I will say that I am convinced. Pixie dust and rainbow wishes apparently can really work!

I have never written an endorsement of a product, but I am so thoroughly impressed with my cat’s response on this diet, given the years of trial and failure I have had with him, that I will heartily recommend this product to the owner of any overweight pet that needs a little help.

The weight loss is real, and it is not too fast, but nice and steady. As for how it works….it seems to be proprietary wizardry, but I have been assured that there are no illegal ingredients.

It has the expected reduced calories and fiber which allows for better digestion of fats and serves as a prebiotic to keep the normal bacteria happy.  What makes it “work”, however, is that the formulation has been developed using the newer theory of ‘nutrogenomics’.

Nutrogenomics is a newer movement in nutrition that studies the effects that food can have on genes and how they are expressed. In Metabolic’s case, this theory uses natural foods and supplements (such as flax and tomato) to “reactivate” the genes that have been “turned off” in some pets that control how they process calories. Simply put, it has been formulated to increase a pet’s metabolism naturally so they burn fat faster on their own.

Now…where do I sign up for the human trials?