House Calls With Our Mobile Vet in San Jose, CA

Our house call services are temporarily suspended. We will update our website as soon as they are available again!

West Valley Pet Clinic in San Jose offers two mobile vet service days every month for our clients’ convenience. When bringing your pet to our clinic is not an option, we can bring the same level of care, professionalism and service right to your doorstep. All you have to do is call to check our availability on our mobile vet days — and we’ll do the rest!

Benefits of Mobile Vet House Calls

When we travel to the homes of our clients to provide veterinary services, it makes the entire visit more comfortable for your pets. Many animals become anxious when they go to the veterinarian’s office. There can be a lot of strangers and other pets around while you are in the waiting room, which makes some animals nervous. This can make the entire office visit unpleasant for pets and their owners.

In some cases, companion animals that are sick or elderly will be difficult to transport to our clinic. We want to offer the best level of care possible for these pets, so a mobile vet visit can be the best option.

The same goes for pet owners! You may not wish to travel due to your own situation, so we’ll bring our services directly to you. If you are no longer able to lift or transport your pet, we can come to your location to provide veterinary services.

Home visits from a mobile vet tend to make both owners and their pets enjoy the experience more. Your companion animal is in their normal surroundings, so it makes the entire visit go more smoothly.

Mobile Vet in San Jose CA

Services of Mobile Vet House Calls

We can provide almost any routine veterinary service imaginable during our mobile vet visits.

This can include:

  • Pet wellness exams
  • Illness check-ups
  • Dental check-ups
  • Basic diagnostics
  • Vaccines and shots
  • Administer medications
  • And more!

While we obviously cannot provide every service that is available in our state-of-the-art clinic, we do our best to provide as many of those services as possible during at-home visits. If we uncover a serious health problem in your pet during a mobile vet exam, we may recommend bringing your pet in for a more involved course of treatment or surgery. In most cases, however, our mobile vet service days provide all the care your pet could possibly need.

Contact Us for Mobile Vet House Call Days

Our mobile vet service days come twice a month and slots fill up fast. If you’d like to take advantage of this service for your pets, contact us at 408-996-1155 to check availability!