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Hot Weather And The Risk To Your Pet

By June 21, 2022 No Comments

As the days get longer and the temps begin to rise, everyone is ready to get outdoors with their pets for some sun and fun, fresh air, and exercise. It’s a healthy thing to do for both you and your pet. But it’s also a good time for a reminder that warm weather can be uncomfortable and even dangerous for pets if you’re not aware and prepared. Animals regulate their body temperature differently than humans and they are more susceptible to the heat. They can easily suffer from heatstroke and dehydration before you know it if you’re not careful and take some common-sense precautions. Here’s what to watch for and some simple tips to keep your pet safe in the summer.

Symptoms Of Overheating In Pets

Keep an eye out for these signs that it’s time for your pet to take a cool break.

  • Warm, dry nose
  • Excessive panting
  • Lethargy and tiredness
  • Dry sunken eyes
  • Dizziness Fever
  • Lack of urination
  • Unconsciousness

Tips For Keeping Pets Cool


Keep them hydrated

Both you and your pet should both drink lots of water when it’s hot outdoors. Make sure to bring some with you on excursions, along with a collapsible bowl or cup so you can serve some up when it’s needed. If you have some handy, give them some ice cubes to lick.

Keep close to shade

Always be aware of some cover you can get to quickly when you’re out and about with your pet. If they stay outdoors a lot when they’re home, make sure your backyard has a place they can take shelter from the sun. A doghouse isn’t good because it encloses the heat and makes things worse.

Watch the humidity

High humidity levels make it especially difficult for animals to dissipate heat from their bodies. If it’s really sticky outside, consider keeping your pet indoors.

Limit exercise on hot days

If you plan on engaging in some strenuous exercise with your pet, try to do it in the early morning or evening hours when it’s cooler. Keep it shorter and easier when it’s warm.

Protect their paws

Hot asphalt, concrete, and sand can quickly burn your pet’s sensitive paws. If you do have to walk them on potentially hot surfaces, consider buying some light booties to protect them.

Never leave your pet in a hot car

Not even for a few minutes. Temps can reach deadly levels very quickly in direct sunlight.

With a little care and caution, you and your pet can enjoy the outdoors safely this summer.