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Wellness & Preventative Care for Pets

Man holding dog

Preventive medicine is the cornerstone of pet wellness and the primary focus of our veterinary care at West Valley Pet Clinic & Avian Medical Group. Every animal companion is treated as an individual, receiving veterinary care tailored to your pet's needs and lifestyle. Every test, every shot, every treatment is evaluated to determine if it is necessary and beneficial for your pet.

Why Prevention?

Pet owners often ask about the need for preventive veterinary medicine: "Can't you just care for my pet if it gets injured or sick?"

At one time, companion animals were kept exclusively to work. Their job descriptions included herding livestock, protection from wild animals or vermin, and warning their owners of invaders or crisis. While these owners may have cared for these animals, they were expected to perform for their keep–as their usefulness waned, so did their lives.

More recently in our history, these animals have moved from single-purpose workers to companions and members of the family. While our pets may still work on the farm or keep mice away from our homes, their main purpose is as friend and loved one. With this role change came the desire of pet owners to provide care that extends life, increases comfort, and enhances the human–animal bond, and it has become the job of the veterinarian to meet these new expectations. As a result, our pets have fewer parasites, chronic conditions are being diagnosed and treated earlier and they are living longer, more comfortable lives. This is what we live for!