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Pet Wellness Exams

Man Kissing Dog

The veterinarians at West Valley Pet Clinic perform a thorough exam each and every time we see your pet – whether for an annual exam, a progress exam or due to a visit for a specific concern. As a result, we are often able to diagnose problems early and minimize or eliminate these issues before they develop into more complicated conditions.

What to Expect

Your pet is carefully evaluated by a veterinarian at every exam from nose (or beak) to tail and from coat (or feathers) to internal organs. We take into consideration the animal's condition, age and breed type, when determining what vaccines, treatments and testing is appropriate for your individual pet.

At each visit, discussions about your pet include adequate housing, diet and nutrition, exercise and play, the use of toys and accessories, and behavioral training. This is the time to bring up any questions or concerns you may have or any changes you have observed in your pet’s behavior or condition since your last visit. These changes may be indicative of a developing condition or disease that will require treatment or may simply be the result of environmental factors that are easily addressed at home.

Until they learn to speak to us, your role as part of their veterinary care is vital. We recognize and place a high value in your feedback and observations at home as they can often provide clues of a developing condition that may lead us to an early diagnosis and therefore prevention or simpler management of their health before something progresses into a more costly or complex illness.

The Pet Owner’s Role

As an important member of the veterinary team, your feedback is a significant part of the wellness and prevention process. Pet owners offer observations based on continuous contact and a close personal relationship, with an eye for detail that is unavailable from even the most comprehensive exam. Your contribution may result in the early diagnosis of a developing condition, treatable with the least invasive procedures and medications.