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Pet Vaccinations: Our Veterinarians Say, "Less Is Better!"

Vet holding dogs

Vaccines are medical products designed to trigger a protective immune response against infections that can be debilitating or life threatening if contracted naturally. They can reduce severity or even prevent future infection altogether if exposed.

To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate?

The veterinarians at West Valley Pet Clinic recognize the importance of vaccines as a vital part of preventative medicine and your pets health (because exposure cannot always be predicted), but also follow literature and published studies that recognize that some vaccines can provide a longer immunity while others protect for less than a year.

We are not a vaccine assembly line! Your veterinarian will make personalized vaccination recommendations for your pet based on their need, potential exposure level, age and vaccination history. When appropriate, we can offer titers to determine if the immune system even requires a current vaccination.

Risks in Vaccinating Pets

Any treatment carries some risk, but that risk must be weighed against the benefits of protecting your pet against a potentially fatal disease. While the vast majority of pets respond well to vaccines, uncommon adverse effects are mild and short term such as fever, sluggishness or pain / swelling at the injection site. Very rarely, more serious adverse effects – usually within the first couple hours of a vaccine – such as vomiting, diarrhea, whole body itching, swelling of the face or legs, difficulty breathing or collapse. f you notice any adverse effects, please contact our clinic for guidance or bring your pet in for treatment.