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Protect Your Pets From Fleas & Ticks

Beagle in grass

External parasites such as fleas and ticks cause more than discomfort in pets – they can carry tapeworms or transmit other diseases that can be serious or fatal. Preventing these unwanted visitors is an important part of your pet's wellness plan.

West Valley Pet Clinic carries several topical and oral options for flea and tick control and prevention, choosing those that are proven to be most effective and safe. Several over the counter products and dips have the potential to be either ineffective or occasionally toxic.

About Fleas

Fleas can not only infest your pet, they can take over your home! The small, wingless, fast moving fleas can occasionally be found in your pet's fur, but sometimes the only symptom you notice is your pet scratching! Some dogs and cats are allergic to a flea's saliva causing inflamed skin and even worse itching. When a single female flea can lay hundreds of eggs a day, this can become a fast problem!

About Ticks

Ticks can be found in almost any climate, although they prefer wooded, damp and grassy areas. As your pet walks through the grass or woods, ticks attach themselves to their skin. While some tick bites may be harmless, others can cause severe health issues and transmit diseases such as lyme disease, erlichiosis, anaplasmosis and Rocky Mountain Spotted fever. However, these conditions can be caught early with routine testing before your pet even shows symptoms.

Check your pet's fur and skin (focus on ears, inside the arms and legs and around the tail) after spending time outdoors. An alcohol swab rubbed or placed around the area may help loosen the tick's grip. Using tweezers, grab the tick as close to the skin as possible and slowly remove. If you can remove a tick within 24 hours, the chance of transmission of an illness is greatly reduced!

Call or stop in to discuss what products you can use to prevent ticks from attaching.