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Personal Veterinary Care in West San Jose CA

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West Valley Pet Clinic and Avian Medical Group is known for the positive experience and exceptional care its skilled and professional team provides for its clients and patients. Since we are privately owned, we guarantee a continuity of care from your first visit with us through pets to come.

Wellness and Preventive Care

Our wellness and prevention program includes pet wellness exams, vaccinations, and parasite prevention. Our pet dental care program offers a proper, complete dental cleaning using the safest current anesthetic protocols, digital dental x-rays and preventative care. We are dedicated to the most personal and thorough service at every exam, minimizing the need to return visits and increased costs.

Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary surgery including avian surgeryis performed in a safe, efficient manner using modern protocols and techniques with our highly trained professional team.

Internal Medicine & Advanced Diagnostics

When your pet is sick or injured, our advanced diagnostic equipment and laboratory are immediately available. All of our veterinarians are personable and compassionate but are also skilled in internal medicine and critical care and make each patient's care a priority as if they were their own.