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Dog and Cat Care & Vaccinations for Canine Health

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Owners of dogs and cats are dedicated to the health and well being of their loyal furry friends. Whatever their role, your companion requires certain vaccines and a regular exam by a veterinarian to stay healthy. Keeping every dog pet strong and healthy for a long life is our goal at West Valley Pet Clinic & Avian Medical Group.

Review our latest information about canine care and vaccine recommendations.

New Recommendations for Feline Vaccines

The doctors and staff at West Valley Pet Clinic & Avian Medical Group are concerned with the increased incidence of vaccine-induced tumors in cats (not documented in dogs). Although the incidence of vaccine-induced tumors is still low, we follow the updated AAFP (American Association of Feline Practioners) recommendations for feline vaccination to minimize this risk further.

Recommendations for Canine and Feline Care

We recommend annual wellness exams for every adult pet, including vaccinations and lab work tailored to the individual specific needs of your pet.

Zoonotic Diseases

Many pet owners are concerned about diseases that can spread from their pet to members of their family, especially children. These are called zoonotic diseases and may include rabies, ringworm, salmonella, toxoplasmosis, bartonellosis (cat scratch disease) and intestinal worms such as hookworm, and roundworm.

Contracting these zoonotic diseases is relatively uncommon. Prevention is often a case of simple hygiene and regular veterinary care to monitor the health of your pet dog. At West Valley Pet Clinic & Avian Medical Group, we encourage you to discuss your concerns about the risk of these illnesses at your next wellness appointment.

For concerned pet owners we offer this information about understanding and preventing tapeworms.