Meet Robyn! The newest addition to our amazing group of

Registered Veterinary Technicians here at West Valley Pet Clinic! Robyn was

locally raised in the South Bay Area.


After four years of high school French, Robyn traveled through France

with her fellow classmates. Of the many cities in France Robyn visited, she

absolutely loved Nice and she hopes to visit again someday.


Robyn’s journey towards a career in animal care also started in high school

when she started volunteering at the local wildlife animal rescue here in

the Bay Area. From there, she continued her education at Evergreen

Community College completing her general education courses. Robyn then went

on to complete her veterinary technician training at Carrington College.


Robyn has held many jobs to fund her college education, including working at

shoreline amphitheater where she got to see her favorite classic rock band,

Scorpion, in concert.


Robyn’s all time favorite movie is The Lorde of the Rings Trilogy. Someday

she hopes to travel to New Zealand to visit Hobbiton. Some of her favorite TV show’s

include Dr. Who, The Walking Dead and Supernatural.


Robyn also has a strong sweet tooth and is an avid baker of sweets and

treats,especially chocolate cake.


On her days off, Robyn also enjoys playing board games, with her family and

friends and taking care of her rabbit, Snuggles and her cat, Mrs. Kitty.

Recently, Robyn has taken up reading novels during her work lunch breaks-

currently she is reading Oliver Twist.


Robyn is so cool she also has a dragon Tattoo!!!


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