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Professional Avian Care From West Valley Pet Clinic

Woman holding bird

Bird care is a distinctive area of veterinary medicine–one that requires years of special training and a commitment to our feathered friends. Very different from other types of pets, birds require unique living arrangements, diet, and socialization, as well as specific handling and veterinary skills.

The professionals at West Valley Pet Clinic & Avian Medical Group understand how much your bird means to you. Two of our doctors are working towards their Avian Board Certification to become true specialists in the field.

Our Staff of Bird Lovers

Our staff members and technicians are trained to properly handle your pet bird. Our ongoing staff education guarantees confident care with a gentle touch for your feathered companion.

West Valley Pet Clinic & Avian Medical Group veterinarians take blood tests, do X-rays, or perform surgery as needed to keep your bird happy and healthy. In addition, our technicians are trained to do wing trims or nail trims for our avian patients.

As a final note, many of the professionals at our clinic are the proud owners of birds. We understand the excitement and pleasure a feathered companion offers and are dedicated to the care and support of our bird patients and their owners.